Jose Antonio Gonzalez, AIA, Founder and Design Principal

Jose Antonio Gonzalez, AIA , brings two decades of experience in architecture, design, construction, project development and management to every project he is engaged in. He has worked on multi-million dollar projects such as Gehry Partner’s "Puente de Vida" museum in Panama City and the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Arena and Towers in New York City.

After graduating with honors from the University of Texas at Austin he worked nationally and internationally for Team Haas Architects, Austin; Sauerbruch, Hutton Architects, Berlin and RGA Architects and Planners, New York City. Before launching Jagar, Jose collaborated directly with Frank Gehry as design associate for 9 years.

Jose grew up in Puebla, Mexico and has lived, worked and travelled extensively worldwide. These vast visual memories are a rich source of inspiration for him when re-envisioning a space. His main architectural goal is to find an innovative and unique approach in design that always incorporates art. Although his overall architectural expression is predominantly contemporary, it includes texture rich details that give a warm and inviting feel.

Jose Antonio González holds a Bachelor of Architecture with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, is an active member of the American Institute of Architects and is a licensed architect in the state of California.




Paloma Ortiz Fight, Interior Designer

Paloma grew up and studied in Merida, Mexico, which is part of the Yucatán Peninsula. She comes from a family of architects and graduated number one in her class from Marista University. Paloma studied under renowned architects Javier Munoz and Oscar Hagerman.

The Yucatán’s rich Mayan cultural and Spanish/French colonial architecture have had a huge influence on her designs. The fusion of these two styles in new construction and restoration were Paloma’s focus while working in Mexico at the well-known Taller Estilo Arquitectura. 

Paloma moved to LA to start working at JAGAR in 2017. She develops and manages our residential and commercial projects. She oversees the production of Architectural and Interior Design construction drawings, interfaces and coordinates with the engineering team and handles the permitting process.  She is also the main point of contact between JAGAR and key vendors, clients and contractors.


Woodrow Bergstrom, Designer

Woodrow received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California in 2016. He has been recognized as a design competition finalist and has worked on educational, residential and commercial projects before joining Jagar in 2018.

Woodrow has a strong interest in 3D visualizations. With real-time rendering technologies like Enscape, clients are able to fully immerse themselves in a unique VR experience that helps refine and advance the design process. 

Woodrow grew up in Missouri and California. From an early age he has loved the iterative process of design and the broader aspects of visual communication. Woodrow focuses on creating designs that are holistic and multi-layered in their approach - moving between graphics, materials, experimentation, and built form.